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About Us: Red Mountain Management, LLC.
Residential Home Owners Association Management.

What We Do...

We provide Full Service Management for HOAs and Condominium Communities

Since Red Mountain does not maintain a Real Estate sales division or commercial management division, our focused management of residential communities allows us to effectively respond to the needs of our client properties.

► Our range of services is designed to support the needs of new or established HOAs.

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Where We Focus...

We are "East Side" Specialists

Our concentration in, and familiarity with the east side of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and other East Valley communities enhances our ability to provide quality services to our client properties.

► We focus on a portfolio of select properties within our service area.

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What We Provide...

We help provide the Resources You Need

We provide leadership training and new law seminars to help the leaders of our HOAs succeed.

► Banking and Financial tools:
Our use of modern technology and industry leading software enhances our ability to provide accurate and timely financial reporting services. In our ongoing effort to provide our clients with the services they need we have partnered with the Community Association Bank, (CAB) a division of Mutual of Omaha Bank, that specializes in financial services for homeowner associations. Our use of TOPS financial software completes the integration with CAB as we provide seamless interaction between our accounting and banking operations.
► Visit our Services page to find out about our full range of services.

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About Our Pricing...

We are Competitively Priced

Our pricing is dependent on the needs of an individual HOA and the complexity of the community to be managed. We strive to maintain a competitive position within the industry for our management services and associated fees.

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Experienced Qualified Staff...

Highly Qualified Personnel

Our staff of property managers and support employees bring an interesting and valuable mix of experiences to our work; from property management to real estate, mortgage, and financial management. We believe the breadth and variety of our life experiences combine to enhance our ability to find creative solutions to community issues.

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About Our Vendors...

Vendor Philosophy:

We take seriously our responsibility as stewards of the resources in each of our communities. To that end, we work with the Board in each HOA to analyze the quality of services provided by current vendors and compare the cost of their services to the area marketplace. We know, however, that the least expensive option is not always the best for the given community.

We do not impose vendors on our client properties. While we have developed relationships with a variety of vendors in many specialty areas, we continually seek to broaden the network of service providers and work with the Board to match the most appropriate vendor to the needs of the community.

Once a company has been chosen, we work hard to maintain a strong relationship with that vendor. We expect a lot from each vendor and believe we must treat them with the respect and support they need to get the work done.

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Red Mountain Management and you...

A solid partnership
upon which you can rely.

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